Since 2003 handmade espresso accessories are produced under the brand name of TORR where is always some kind of relationship between all products. They are simple, elegant and significant. Additionally they are of excellent quality with regard to material and craftmanship.

TORR TOYS offers an increasing range of outstanding products and accessories, which are a special enrichment of the "coffee workplace". No matter where…in the kitchen, in the office or coffeeshop.

The satisfaction of our customers, the growing demand and the confidence in new products will surely be sufficient proof that we know about the needs of our customers: High-Quality accessories made of exclusive materials like stainless steel, titanium, exclusive woods & glass in consideration of a design which is timeless and pure. At TORR TOYS we pay attention to every detail in order to make the difference to get a real TORR.    

TORR is TORR TOYS now - The Spirit of Espresso Tools

TORR TOYS is looking for new partners to expand the activities. If you would like to be part of the team please contact us. 

TORR TOYS - The Spirit of Espresso Tools