Delivery Time 

At the moment most of our glass hoppers need a delivery time of 3-6 weeks, specials need even more

Why is the delivery time so long?

  • First of all its handmade and takes longer than a mass production - its a traditional process which is not very easy at some steps which have to work together 
  • Some pieces we produce (15-25 %) will break at the cutting process, so there has to always some extra
  • Each piece is mounted on demand and the silicon needs to dry some days after that. So even if all parts are ready to go we need approx. 5-7 days until we can ship. 
  • There are different ways to work with the Crystal glass compared to colored glass - all processes are individual. 
  • We are working with 3 very known and skilled glass companies, all of them have very long delivery times

Thanks a lot for being patient to get your unique, handmade glass hopper. TT/04/2018