General Info Glass

To manufacture our mouth-blown glass hoppers we use a traditional, centuries-old artisan process. This is one of the reasons for the amazing quality & the brilliant look of the glass.


Handmade by Artisans

Only the traditional hand-blown glass production process made by craftsmen with long experience paired with finest materials allows us to get this amazing quality of the glass hoppers we offer. It is a quality you will never get with a mass- or industrial production. However, using this technique means that each piece of glass is unique and some marks and non perfect signs are a proof of quality instead of being a reason to complain about. 


Why Glass? What makes a Glass Hopper so special?

  • Glass is odorless and tasteless.
  • It doesn´t react chemically and therefore it will not change the taste and aroma of the coffee.
  • It`s easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than plastics
  • Glass is very durable & has the same quality after years of use. 
  • It looks beautiful and feels great. 
  • It will revalue each and every grinder & location. 
  • Glass is valuable and worthy.
  • Handmade glass is "A PIECE OF ART"!


FAQ Glass Hopper

  1. How is the glass connected to the INOX adapter? Its mounted with food grade silicone which needs some days to dry after that. 
  2. How do you ship that the glass will appear safe? We are going to protect the hopper with the help of 2 boxes  and or foam - its really reliable.
  3. What can I do when my glass is broken? Just send the lid and the adapter (free of glass as far as possible) and we will fix that. You just pay the new glass and shipping.