New Glass Design - "Bulls Eye"

There is a new Glass Design/ pattern called "BullsEye". This pattern comes with oval, olive size dots which are made in the hot workshop with the help of an extra mold. The overall character of this glass design is more"raw" than the other designs but looks very natural and stylish, especially when paired with a black lid. We start with the 300 size here and will end up also with other sizes and colors soon. There are more designs to come soon. 



Big Filling Funnel for MK

As our Glass Adapters are also used as Filling Funnels we made some special ones with a higher volume of approx. 90-100 g coffee beans. We started with the funnel for MK where single dosing is very popular with the Mahlkönig EK43 Grinder. We will produce big Filling Funnels also for other grinder models and also on demand. Different finishes available on demand. These first models are made from stainless steel, we expect them to be made from anodized aluminium in the future as for the high prices, a result of big diameters we need. The top diameter is ø 115 mm and it´s made of one single piece of stainless steel.  


Mazzer S2 & S3 simplified

We modified the Glass Adpaters Mazzer S2 & S3 for the big Mazzer grinders again to make them more simple compared to the first version and of course much more simple and elegant compared to the OEM plastics version. With this modified models where we just mount the hook with the help of 2 screws, we can reach a better finish and also different kinds of finishes more easily. As for the higher weight of the glass and TORR TOYS Adapter, which is made from massive stainless steel, we leave out the screw but you can order it on demand if it´s necessary for you. The standard version is the polished one here but you can get all coatings, finishes and paintings on demand. With this new version of the S2  & S3 we enable big Coffee Shops to use our TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers, where the Mazzer Royal, Major, Kony, ZM and Robur grinders are the most favorite ones around the world. 

The Glass Adapter can be also used as a filling funnel for single dosing without any glass for those who like to work like this or if you don´t have any space for the hopper. 



Mazzer S1, S2, S3 - Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony, Mazzer Royal/Robur

Our most favourite range of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers is the Mazzer grinder glass for coffee grinders. It´s not only about the grinders itself but we can find a similar Design of grinders here, different sizes and a big quantity of models, all of them in excellent quality. It´s really a pleasure to mix different Mazzer grinders in one location with different glasses and Glass Hoppers. For the Mazzer grinder glass, we offer 3 different adapters and all sizes: 300, 600, 1300. If you don´t care about the classic OEM design of your grinder, or if you need to reduce the size of your grinder for any reason, all glass sizes are possible for each grinder. So it´s possible to use a 300 size glass for a Mazzer Royal or Robur (old model available so far) as well as to use a 1300 glass for the Mazzer Super Jolly if you like it or need it in a high volume coffee bar as a professional barista. 

Actually, we modified the S2 and S3 adapter to make it more sleek and elegant. This is possible with our stainless steel construction compared to the OEM plastic parts. As the Mazzer grinders are available in good quantities worldwide and as a result of the higher demand of Glass Hoppers here, we are going to expand the Mazzer adapter models concerning the finish and colours to match each and every need from glossy and matte stainless steel to black coated, DLC and many more.

  • Mazzer S1: Mini, Mini E, Super Jolly, Lux, Mazzer/LM and similar
  • Mazzer S2: Kony and ZM 
  • Mazzer S3: Major, Royal, Robur and similar

### do you like to see an 1800 g glass for the Robur/Royal or is the 1300 size big enough? ###

 Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony E, Mazzer Royal - all with dark violet Glass Hopper

Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony E, Mazzer Royal - all with dark violet Glass Hopper

Mazzer Mini E Doser Lid Stainless Steel

To reach a better overall Design of the grinder we have the stainless lid for the Mazzer Mini E Mod. B available to match the Glass Hopper and the Glass Hopper lid. The Lid is made of massive stainless steel with a hand polished glossy finish. We are going to plan also wooden lids here in the near future which will fit the wooden Glass Hopper lids in the best way. The stainless steel lid is available at our shop for 59.00 Euros.  

New Grinder Adapters at the Store

We added the new adapters at the glass store. All glasses can be mounted to each adapter as usual. The next upcoming adapters will be Eureka Atom, Macap M2M and Eureka Mignon. We expect them to be ready around Spring 2018. There will be also some modifications and improvements with the next series of adapters. Furthermore, we are going to start with anodized adapters in different colours for the bestsellers like Mahlkoenig and Mazzer S1. If the feedback and the results will be good we can expand to other models easily. 



We call it "Glass Family"

This Year will be the Year of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers as our "Glass Family" is really growing fast, especially in the field of new adapters, lids and coloured metal parts.   

There are some grinders that look beautiful just "Out of the Box", others need to be modified for sure. After some days and weeks with the Quamar, Eureka and Fiorenzato grinders one can say that those grinders really rock with our Glass Hoppers. In the end, you should decide yourself about the best options, complements and colours. However, we will show some set-ups these days with the upcoming batch of glass offering suggestions to select the right glass for your grinder. 


We are ready to go with some new Glass Hopper adapters just in time for the holiday season. So if your own a Quamar, Fiorenzato, Eureka, Eureka "Atom" or Rocket "Fausto" just let us know. We will update the Shops with those new grinder adapters until the end of the year. We will also update the compatibility list accordingly and provide it at the download areas.  


Glass Hoppers for Entry Level Grinders in 2018

We are busy to expand our Glass Hopper range in 2018 also for ENTRY-LEVEL-GRINDERS. We are going to start with the famous models Eureka Mignon and Macap M2M. The availability is scheduled for March 2018. The Size of the small hoppers will be approx. 200g. The Eureka hopper will be square, the others might be similar to our 300g size but with a more simple adapter. Prices are not fixed so far but we expect them approx. 50% of the grinders price. 

We have a delay here and expect the Mignon glass hoppers with the square design for summer 2018. However, we will also try to offer filling funnels for that grinder then. 


Broken Glass Hopper - What should I do?

Our Glass Hoppers are indeed very sturdy to last for many many years without any hassle. In the end, it´s still glass with the chance to crack or break for some reasons. We would like to explain and show what to do in this worst case. Usually, the first thing should be to send us a picture of your broken TORR Glass Hopper, also a picture of your grinder so that we have the chance to see your equipment, the glass hopper (if possible) and the grade of damage. After that the procedure would be like this: 

  1.  cover the metal adapter with tape in a very good way to protect the metal from hard scratches and dots
  2. cover the glass with some cloth and arrange a plastic bag around it 
  3. make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands and use a hammer to destroy the glass completely
  4. remove the bag and peel off the broken glass as far as possible 
  5. send this adapter with the rest of the glass (still protected by the tape) and wrapped well to our company 
  6. make sure to add the lid to the parcel
  7. if you send from NON-EU make sure to send it as a sample or spare part - declare a low value of approx. 10 USD/EUROS and provide the shipping NR. if possible
  8. you can decide at once or when we receive the parcel if you want to have an exchange glass or Glass Hopper, or if we should overwork the existing parts for you. the price and the delivery/waiting time depends on the glass hopper model, the existing damage, and our actual glass productions. We will be able to offer all options for you to keep the harm as low as possible
  9. we provide some pictures attached to make all obvious



New Options for Glass Hoppers added to the Shop

We added some "Black" options to the shop, these can be ordered as a XTRA for the Glass Hoppers to get a special Design to match your grinder, machine or personal preferences. We think it might be more easy to decide like this with a XTRA. Please add your XTRA always to the standard glossy polished parts price. e.g. You would like to order a Glass Hopper 300 for a Mazzer Mini E - Stainless Steel glossy S1 Adapter and a Black powder coat lid. 

  • Order the 300 Glass you like, Glossy Metal parts (Adapter & Lid)
  • Add the XTRA Lid "BlackPowder" and decide for Adapter "NO XTRA"

you will get your hopper with a black lid then. As for the wooden lids, we are busy with the final designs, they will be available soon. 


New Glass Size - 450g now - 1800g soon

As for many requests in the past, we started to produce a batch of 450 g crystal glasses which is located between the sizes 300 and 600 now to fill the gap at the lower volume range of the glass hoppers. 

This size will be available only as crystal Optic and PUR version in the beginning order to check the demand here. The lid size is the same like the 300 size. The next, upcoming size is 1800 g as there is a demand for this at coffee shops and high volume bars. We will also start with small quantities here to check. The lid for the 1800 size will be the same as the 300 size, we will adapt the design on top for the big glasses, the fill-in area will be smaller. 

These two sizes, 450 and 1800, seem to be more important than the demand for the Mahlkoenig Twin glasses. For those who need to use the glass hoppers MK TWIN, it´s possible to use the 300 & 450 size which comes with a little smaller diameter than the OEM MK TWIN plastic hopper. 

The price of the 450 g hopper will be the same like the 300 size. 


Wooden Lids For Glass Hoppers

After a break of some years, we start again with wooden lids for the Glass Hoppers. We are busy to develop two new designs in the beginning which will be the perfect match for the hoppers and a good alternative to the standard metal lids for those who prefer wood or also have wooden panels mounted to the espresso machine. The wooden designs will be different from the metal lids for sure and we expect timbers like Palisander, Walnut, Zebrawood, and Maple, maybe some European hardwoods also. As for the handmade glass which always shows a different inner diameter at the upper side of the glass, we need to work with O-rings or gaskets here in order to reach the right fit. Also, individual lids are possible. Final versions will appear soon. 


Custom Gallery

We added a customer gallery to our glass hopper section to showcase some beautiful set-ups of our customers. If you have a TORR TOYS glass hopper, please feel free to send us some pics (and the permission) to provide them here for other coffee lovers. We are always curious to see how all the glass looks at the final destinations, either at home, in the coffee shops or at any other professional environment. Customer Gallery

New grinder pics with many options to choose the right glass

We prepared some new pictures grinder & glass - this will enable our customers to choose the right patterns and right colors for each grinder. Sometimes it´s really amazing how the all over design of the grinder looks different, just with the change of the glass hopper and its color or pattern. We are going to provide more and more pictures every day.

To see all the options you can visit our Glasshopper area at "Glasshopper & Grinder" - under each grinder you will find a link to the gallery of the matching pictures. We are going to start with the following grinders: 1. Ceado, 2. Mazzer Mini, 3. Macap MD4/MD5 and 4. Compak K3 - more to come. We will be glad if this will help to decide about the right TORR TOYS glass hopper you want for your grinder.