Glass Adapters - 20 Different Options

We are happy to announce that there are 20 different glass adapter/grinder options + 1x Funnel available now. With this impressive wide range, most of the serious grinders in the market are covered. There is some more in the pipe of course. But his will take some time for sure until S/S 2019.

If you miss the right adapter and connection for your grinder, for sure we might have it but sometimes the grinders uses the adapters and parts of other brands or they are made by one of the big grinder companies. e.g. Elektra Nino = Macap 2. It´s always the best solution to drop a mail, we will be able to help for sure.

Mazzer: Mazzer: S1 - Mazzer S2 - Mazzer S3

Mahlkoenig: K30/ EK43 - E65S - 1 x MK Funnel

Macap: Macap 1, Macap 2, M2M

Eureka: EUR 1, EUR Atom, EUR MIG - EUR MIG NEW (ready soon)

Rocket: ROCK

Fiorenzato: FIO

Quamar: QUA

Anfim: ANF

ECM: ECM 64 - ECM 54

Versalab: VERS

Obel: OBE