Past & Future Throw Back 2018 New Year 2019

We would like to throw back to see what we have done in the field of glass hoppers in 2018 but we will also introduce the new and upcoming items for 2019.

The year 2018 was a troublesome year where we introduced many new glass hoppers, developed several new glass adapters and also improved many details around the hoppers. We also switched some suppliers and glass companies to enable the quality we need for our customers. The most critical change was for sure that we turned back to German metal companies to produce our adapters and lids. Another big step was that we switched the glass companies from Portuguese to Czech producers in order to improve the quality and to reduce the tolerances within the glass production, but we are also working with 2-3 slightly different lid sizes now per hopper size to make sure that the repeatability for the lid is reduced to a minimum of approx. 0.5 mm which is not much when we look at the glass productions and its general tolerances we can find there. (we will show and explain this in one of our next short articles.)

E.g. for the glass hopper size 300 where our lid is approx. ø 138 mm we have the ø 137mm, ø 138 mm and ø 139 mm lids available in stainless steel and in aluminium to allow a perfect fit as you can´t be sure here with the glass production. Many different lid sizes means, in the end, to have 3-6 different but similar lid moulds for metal spinning, only for the shape of the 300 lid. And yes, this is very expensive but the best way to meet our demands.

When we talk about lids, the mirror polished stainless steel lid is a piece of art and can´t be compared to other and more simple products like galvanic chrome applied on steel or aluminium. The polished and blasted stainless steel finish is really another cup of coffee and can only be reached by hand polishing at it´s best. As for this expensive production method, we are going to offer the aluminium/alloy black anodized lid as a standard lid this year for all the hopper range. The stainless steel lid will be an add-on and little more expensive. For sure this will take some time to switch the process and ensure the availability of all the parts we need.

What else will be new in 2019? With the glass designs 1000 for K30 we are little late, but they will appear soon, the same with the new adapters for MK S65S, which can be pre-ordered (same price like MK) already and the Eureka Mignon hoppers which will be launched in the 1 Q of 2019. There will also be a new glass design (shape and size) for the MK E65S to get the perfect match for its smaller design.

The new Filling Funnels for MK (EK43 and K30) will be also ready soon. After having finished them we are going to start with the funnels for the other bestsellers to check the need for other single dosing tools like:

Mazzer S1, Quamar, Rocket, MK S65S (upcoming bestseller)

Also, a single dosing option for the Eureka Mignon might be very exciting and useful, especially for coffeeshops where we can find that grinder to be used for different Single Origins.

Last but not least we want to inform you that we need to increase the price a little for some Glass Hoppers soon. It´s is a result of a higher production price and better quality. We will try to keep the prices stable where it´s possible. Especially, with the colored and multi colored glass and the finishing of the stainless steel.

Different lids for a perfect fit

Different lids for a perfect fit

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