Little Brother - Macap M2M adapter available

The smaller TORR TOYS XS Glass Adapter is available now and we are really happy about this as it is a real beauty with all the high-quality characteristics you might know from the bigger TORR TOYS. You can see the difference in size between a standard Mazzer MAZ S1 adapter and the M2M below.  

The first XS adapter available for the entry-level machines is made for the great Macap grinder M2M, M2D and similar models. The matching glass holds approx. 200g of coffee beans. This adapter can be also used as a filling funnel only but usually, this is not such important as these grinders are small at all. The Adapter comes also with a shut-off slider to offer the best handling available. The first batch is made from stainless steel but we will work with anodized aluminium adapters here soon to keep the prices of the hoppers as low as possible to match the price range of the grinders. 

The new 200 glass hoppers will revalue some of the existing small grinders very much as we have some high-quality models available at the price range between 280 and 450 euros for the home barista and locations with only small space. Having the quality of the grinders in mind, also their beautiful pure and compact design, the new 200 XS hoppers are a really great complement and will be bestsellers soon for sure.