Filling Funnel 100 Black Matte NEW

As for the very successful launch of the New MK Filling Funnel 100 in black matte and the smaller standard black MK Funnel version we decided to make more Funnels soon for other top notch grinders with the next batches. The Funnel can be uses instead of a small, short hopper and for Single Dosing. It is the best way to use the Funnel with a grinder that has little retention. e.g. MK EK 43 Funnel

The Funnel 100 will be made* for:

  • MK ( K30 / Ek43 and similar) - available

  • MAZ S1 (Mazzer Mini/ - Super Jolly)

  • MAZ S2 (Mazzer Kony/ ZM Filter)

  • MAZ S3 (Mazzer Robur / Major / Royale)

  • MK E65S (Mahlkoenig & Anfim)

  • ANF (Anfim Super Caimano/Skody/ SP II)

  • CEA NEW (Ceado Quick GEAR)

  • QUA (Quamar all)

  • EUR MIG (Eureka Mignon NEW - Funnel 80)

  • more soon and on demand

* release date after summer break - September 19

The small funnels are similar to our glass adapters, they hold approx. 50-60 g of coffee depending on the adapter model.