More Glass & Black Metal Parts

We are happy to see more and more orders of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers with black metal parts or at least with black lids. The standard black parts are made from aluminium, anodized matte black; for the luxury parts, we use the DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon / similar to Titanium but harder) coatings which is very hard and durable. The medium range between aluminium and DLC is the Chrome Black now which is more sturdy and more beautiful than the powder coating surface we used before. All surfaces can be produced in matte or glossy black depending on your personal taste or the matching grinder.

Other surfaces we can produce on demand: Gold Plated INOX - GPI, Copper, Copper Plated INOX - CPI, Bronze. More anodized aluminium colors to come soon, we made very good tests with dark brown. red and blue.