etzMAX - YES, please - a new generation of coffee grinders

New coffee grinders and coffee grinder concepts need different hopper concepts, and it will be a challenge for sure. We will start to list the etzMAX grinders (New Models) from Liechtenstein soon to our Portfolio, and I guess you will like those grinders with its excellent concept and design as much as we do. We expect the matching GLASS for etzMAX after the summer break in autumn.

The etzMAX grinders are available as a LIGHT, MEDIUM and PLUS model for different volumes. You can choose each model either as a grind-by-time, or grind-by-weight model. The clean, industrial design grinder comes in the colors Black or Silver - M and P models also in RAW Aluminium. Standard Hoppers can hold 200g or 1KG of coffee and can be switched fast and easy. The whole grinder concept is modular and easy to service and clean without tools.

You can switch the grinder to a SINGLE-DOSING grinder with a unique device as the retention is very low (>0.8g) at all. The etzMAX is a grind-on-demand grinder with small conical burrs and a perfect and easy-to-use grind-adjustment. The conic burrs offer a life-span of approx. 1500-2000 KG of coffee using the standard burrs set. Due to the 32mm conic burrs and the slow RPM this grinder enables an output of 4-5,5g / sec. Etzinger also offers a wide range of useful accessories and parts for exclusive and individual use. The grinders are not that cheap, but the concept and build quality make them one of the best grinders in the market. The etzMAX grinders can be used for advanced Home Baristas and also for High Volume Bars and coffee shops if you decide for the Plus model that comes with a cooling system to manage peaky rush-hours.

We expect the first batch of the new grinders to appear in approx. 6 weeks - if you want to be one of the first to get one of the new models, just drop a note. Further info and details about these great grinders will appear soon.

etzMAX Medium Black 200g small Hopper

etzMAX Medium Black 200g small Hopper