Eureka Mignon 250 Square For Mignon Silencio - Specialità - Perfetto

As for the higher demand, the existing grinder design and the better options with a famous glass company in CZ, we are able now to switch or add the SQUARE Glass Hopper for the NEW Eureka Mignon grinder. We will update all info here soon. The colors, the surfaces and the quality will be different from the round glass as for technical reasons. When you can turn the glass, the surfaces and options are always better than those of a square mould.

As the NEW Mignon and its hopper is bigger compared to the MIGNON, we can´t use the same square hopper for both models. We will start with the square glass hopper for the improved New Mignon models where we can already see nine different variants, available in many colors. Most of the problems of the MIGNON 1 generation were solved with the new model so that we can see real improvements here, especially for espresso coffee where many of us know that the engine stopped when the ground coffee was too fine. For this much better Mignon, it is meaningful to have the TORR SQ Hopper for this little machine soon.

See picture attached to get an impression but the final design at the adapter side will be slightly different because we need to mount the glass more easily to keep the prices of the glass hopper in balance compared to the grinder price. The glass adapter is expected to be a Mignon Filling funnel without glass attached. We will also have different colors with the 250 SQ glass. Standard lids and adapter will be made from hard anodized aluminium - standard color of the metal parts will be black matte.

Glass Colors: CRYSTAL, Amber, Violet, Black - PREORDER SHOP