Update MIGNON NEW Glass Hopper Square

We have made an update for the MIGNON SQUARE Hopper at the crowd site:

https://torrcrowd.myshopify.com/ - you will find further details here about the new SQUARE hopper. As for the changes we had to delay to get the SQ version now with a much higher demand. In the end we are happy to to have the option now to make the SQ for MIGNON new. The round version will be made if we reach 50 pc. The SQ is only for the NEW MIGNON, not for the old model as for the bigger hopper size of the NEW model.

  1. NEWS Entry see below: https://www.torrtoys.com/glass-news/2019/7/23/eureka-mignon-square-for-mignon-silencio-specialit-perfetto

  2. Reseller prices on demand - orders from 10 pc - extra discount from 25 and 50 pc.