Metal Parts - Surfaces & Colors for Glass Adapters, Funnels and Lids

Attached we provide different options for the mat metal finish (lids & adapters possible) and their characteristics. DLC & INOX are also possible as a glossy version, all others only mat.

Adapter Info:

  1. DLC = DIAMOND - LIKE - CARBON: A very hard, diamond-like thin film high-tech surface which can be applied on stainless steel or titanium. It´s the most valuable and durable coating we offer - either as glossy or matte finish. Amazing but expensive. Between very dark grey and black. We can´t reach deep, deep black here.

  2. INOX MAT: Stainless Steel special matte blasted. A very luxury and stressless stainless steel version, easy to clean but different from the grinder surfaces.

  3. INOX BLACK: Stainless Steel special matte blasted and decorative Black Nickel on top, Very nice and much cheaper than DLC. Real Dark Black color, high saturation.

  4. ALUMINIUM BLACK: Blasted and anodized or hard anodized. Similar to INOX BLACK but not that deep black. Will be the standard for upcoming black adapters. Cheapest of the coated versions. Other colors (like red, green, blue, brown) possible on demand. Very smooth.


Different Glass Adapter Options Mat - DLC Black - INOX Mat - INOX Black - Aluminium Black

New Compatibility List 3/2019 - FIO 1 & FIO 4

There is a new compatibility list available - 3/19 - we added the Fiorenzato as there are 2 different FIO glass adapters available. The FIO 4 works for the small Fiorenzato F4, the FIO 1 for all other more professional Fiorenzato grinder models like F63, F64, F71, F83 - the bigger Fiorenzato are beautiful fine with the 600 Glass Hopper as the grinders are really good but the 1.5 KG Hoppers are very big, especially for Speciality Coffee and home use.


Filling Funnel 100 Black Matte NEW

As for the very successful launch of the New MK Filling Funnel 100 in black matte and the smaller standard black MK Funnel version we decided to make more Funnels soon for other top notch grinders with the next batches. The Funnel can be uses instead of a small, short hopper and for Single Dosing. It is the best way to use the Funnel with a grinder that has little retention. e.g. MK EK 43 Funnel

The Funnel 100 will be made* for:

  • MK ( K30 / Ek43 and similar) - available

  • MAZ S1 (Mazzer Mini/ - Super Jolly)

  • MAZ S2 (Mazzer Kony/ ZM Filter)

  • MAZ S3 (Mazzer Robur / Major / Royale)

  • MK E65S (Mahlkoenig & Anfim)

  • ANF (Anfim Super Caimano/Skody/ SP II)

  • CEA NEW (Ceado Quick GEAR)

  • QUA (Quamar all)

  • EUR MIG (Eureka Mignon NEW - Funnel 80)

  • more soon and on demand

* release date after summer break - September 19

The small funnels are similar to our glass adapters, they hold approx. 50-60 g of coffee depending on the adapter model.

Glass Adapter for ECM C-Manuale 54 & Profitec PRO M54

Although the smaller ECM and Profitec grinders with ø 54 mm burrs are less expensive than the professional models with ø 64 mm burrs, there are many requests concerning our TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers for these semi professional grinder models offered by the ECM family. The solution for those grinders is very easy, we only have to cut 8 mm at the lower end of the original ECM adapter to get the perfect adapter for the smaller grinder models. We will add the models to the shop soon, prices will be the same like the standard ECM 64.

ECM 54 = ECM 64 to cut 8mm shorter

ECM 54 = ECM 64 to cut 8mm shorter

New Adapters For Ceado Quick Set Gear Models

As Ceado modified most of the E37 grinder 2019 models we also had to change the glass adapter here to allow a perfect fit. With the new CEA adapter ø 56/58/23 mm it is possible to use the glass hopper for the remaining “Rubber Chute” like E37J and also for the E37S with Quick Set Gear. There is no more chance to use the MAZ S1 adapter for the new E37S 2019 models. The Ceado rubber chute is only used for the ø 64mm flat burr Ceados and for the E37S / 2018 models.

In addition to that we can add now the magnet for the E37K (conic model) at the outer part of the glass to keep the security switch in a perfect working condition. The E37K looks fine with a 300, 600 and 1300 glass hopper which uses the same body like the Ceado E37 Titanium.

We will add the new Ceado adapters to the shop these days. They will be available in the beginning of March. All new Ceado grinders will be delivered as 2019 model. Unfortunately, we had to adapt the prices here for the new models due to the Ceado guideline.

Quick Set Gear and Security Switch

Quick Set Gear and Security Switch

Quick Set Gear

Quick Set Gear

Grinder Compatibility List Autumn 2018

We have made an update of the Grinder Compatibility List Autumn 2018 - Download.

With this list, you can find the glass adapter you need for your grinder, also for similar grinders or grinder brands used by coffee machine brands. If you can´t find your grinder in that list, just drop us a mail to check if we have the right adapter or if we can produce it. 

Detail/Excerpt of the Grinder Compatibility List - Download 

Versalab M3 Adapter and Glass for Dosing TOOL

With the increasing number of Versalab M3 grinders with its great dosing tool for SINGLE DOSING we are also able to provide special adapters "VERS3" and glass hoppers now. It´s also possible to use the standard Mahlkoenig MK adapter which uses the same inner diameter ( approx. ø 50 mm) but it´s more expensive and of course, the MK uses the outer bayonet you don´t need for the Versalab grinders. The better choice indeed is this special made Versalab adapter. Useful and recommended glass for the Versalab is 250/300/450 and 600 size. 

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

MK Glass Hopper for EK Dosing Tool

As the Dosing Tool for the Mahlkoenig EK43 and EK43S and also for the US made Versalab grinder (who developed that tool) is quite famous for a while now we would like to inform you about the possibility to use our TORR TOYS glass hoppers with those grinders + dosing tools without any modifications.

You can simply use the inner part of the TT MK adapter to match the dosing tool. The only issue here is that you will see the bayonet of the adapter. On the other hand, the advantage is that you can use the hopper for other MK grinders with that bayonet as well. We think about to provide a simple case here soon depending on the demand. This will improve the all-over design easily. In case of higher demands for glass hoppers to be used with the dosing tools we can also develop the a totally new adapter for these add-ons. 

Detail MK43 Dosing Tool

ECM modified and new ELITE! glass adapter

We modified the ECM adapters again as for a much higher demand, not only from Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also from other Countries where ECM and Profitec seems to be more and more famous already even when it comes to coffee grinders. Another reason for these modifications is of course that the ECM / Profitec customers are always at the top end when it comes to design and quality. Last but not least the premium model V-Titan 64 is a great grinder in many aspects and offers low retention compared to many other brands in the market. 

The ECM Edition 3 adapter comes with a smaller gap now, there were also modifications concerning the details to improve the flow of the beans. We added a 45-degree phase which follows the design of the glass adapter and added some radii.

We developed also an ECM ELITE! glass adapter for the ECM glass hoppers which comes in another pure design to reach a modern look. 

This ELITE! design will be added to some more adapters soon after having received feedback from our customers. 

New and more pictures of this ELITE! design to come soon. 

Glass adapters for coffee grinders 13 available & 2 more in the pipe

Glass / Grinder Adapter: 

To get a better overview about the adapters and options, we list them here again, also those which will appear soon marked as "NEW". More info at the grinder compatibility list. All TORR TOYS adapters can be paired with all glass sizes: 250/300/600/1300 and the upcoming size 1000 which is going to be developed for the MK K30. However, the new Macap 2M2

Read More

New pictures and videos

We made some new pictures and videos these days and checked also grinder/glass combinations, especially concerning size and colours. Sometimes, it´s really hard to decide which ones are the most beautiful matches. We are going to provide the images asap. The panorama picture shows the following grinders from left to right: 

1. Compak 2. - Rocket - 3. Mazzer Mini E - 4. Macap MD4  - 5. Quamar - 6. Ceado - 7. Macap (2) - 8. Eureka Zenith 9. - Mazzer Kony - 10. Mazzer Royal

some grinder options

yes, we made some drone shot in the showroom with the help of a cgi drone. 

Mazzer S2 & S3 simplified

We modified the Glass Adpaters Mazzer S2 & S3 for the big Mazzer grinders again to make them more simple compared to the first version and of course much more simple and elegant compared to the OEM plastics version. With this modified models where we just mount the hook with the help of 2 screws, we can reach a better finish and also different kinds of finishes more easily. As for the higher weight of the glass and TORR TOYS Adapter, which is made from massive stainless steel, we leave out the screw but you can order it on demand if it´s necessary for you. The standard version is the polished one here but you can get all coatings, finishes and paintings on demand. With this new version of the S2  & S3 we enable big Coffee Shops to use our TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers, where the Mazzer Royal, Major, Kony, ZM and Robur grinders are the most favorite ones around the world. 

The Glass Adapter can be also used as a filling funnel for single dosing without any glass for those who like to work like this or if you don´t have any space for the hopper. 



Mazzer S1, S2, S3 - Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony, Mazzer Royal/Robur

Our most favourite range of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers is the Mazzer grinder glass for coffee grinders. It´s not only about the grinders itself but we can find a similar Design of grinders here, different sizes and a big quantity of models, all of them in excellent quality. It´s really a pleasure to mix different Mazzer grinders in one location with different glasses and Glass Hoppers. For the Mazzer grinder glass, we offer 3 different adapters and all sizes: 300, 600, 1300. If you don´t care about the classic OEM design of your grinder, or if you need to reduce the size of your grinder for any reason, all glass sizes are possible for each grinder. So it´s possible to use a 300 size glass for a Mazzer Royal or Robur (old model available so far) as well as to use a 1300 glass for the Mazzer Super Jolly if you like it or need it in a high volume coffee bar as a professional barista. 

Actually, we modified the S2 and S3 adapter to make it more sleek and elegant. This is possible with our stainless steel construction compared to the OEM plastic parts. As the Mazzer grinders are available in good quantities worldwide and as a result of the higher demand of Glass Hoppers here, we are going to expand the Mazzer adapter models concerning the finish and colours to match each and every need from glossy and matte stainless steel to black coated, DLC and many more.

  • Mazzer S1: Mini, Mini E, Super Jolly, Lux, Mazzer/LM and similar
  • Mazzer S2: Kony and ZM 
  • Mazzer S3: Major, Royal, Robur and similar

### do you like to see an 1800 g glass for the Robur/Royal or is the 1300 size big enough? ###

Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony E, Mazzer Royal - all with dark violet Glass Hopper

Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony E, Mazzer Royal - all with dark violet Glass Hopper

Mazzer S2 / Mazzer S3 - The Big Boys

The most complicated adapters so far are the Mazzer S2 and Mazzer S3 ones which have an extra tube to release the electronics. They will fit the Kony and ZM (MAZ S2) and the Robur, Royal and Major (MAZ S3). The prices are higher than the MK ones, both are CAT C.

This was the first model of the S2/S3 adapters and it was modified to get a more elegant design. 08.08.2018


New Grinder Adapters at the Store

We added the new adapters at the glass store. All glasses can be mounted to each adapter as usual. The next upcoming adapters will be Eureka Atom, Macap M2M and Eureka Mignon. We expect them to be ready around Spring 2018. There will be also some modifications and improvements with the next series of adapters. Furthermore, we are going to start with anodized adapters in different colours for the bestsellers like Mahlkoenig and Mazzer S1. If the feedback and the results will be good we can expand to other models easily. 



We call it "Glass Family"

This Year will be the Year of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers as our "Glass Family" is really growing fast, especially in the field of new adapters, lids and coloured metal parts.   

There are some grinders that look beautiful just "Out of the Box", others need to be modified for sure. After some days and weeks with the Quamar, Eureka and Fiorenzato grinders one can say that those grinders really rock with our Glass Hoppers. In the end, you should decide yourself about the best options, complements and colours. However, we will show some set-ups these days with the upcoming batch of glass offering suggestions to select the right glass for your grinder. 


We are ready to go with some new Glass Hopper adapters just in time for the holiday season. So if your own a Quamar, Fiorenzato, Eureka, Eureka "Atom" or Rocket "Fausto" just let us know. We will update the Shops with those new grinder adapters until the end of the year. We will also update the compatibility list accordingly and provide it at the download areas.  


Macap MD4/5 - Mazzer Mini E

Although there is a special Glass Adapter available for Macap MD4/5 (MAC 1) you can choose the Mazzer S1 Adapter for this Macap grinders also if you like to use the glass hopper with both models, Macap and Mazzer, or if you need to switch for any other reason between those high-end home grinders. The S1 will sit little lower at the Macap and the fit is not 100% perfect but it´s a really good option for those who want to work with both models. This procedure can't be done the other way, so don´t use a Macap for the Mazzer Mini. For further details or pictures, ask our technical support. 

Mazzer S1 at Macap MD4