We are always busy to develop, modify and improve our TORR TOYS items. Furthermore, we always try to be helpful with multiple, complex answers to your questions to enable the best choice when you are going to decide about new coffee related products. Last but not least there are many efforts and extra miles to go to inform you at the NEWS pages to keep you up-to-date. If you are happy with our work, we have the chance now to get minimal donations via XRP TIPBOT - see info below. If you are not satisfied, please let us know, we will try hard to improve in the best possible way. Please be aware that we are a small team which can´t be compared to the BIG PLAYERS. We are busy to adapt the products, our websites and service now to bring it to the next level. We hope you will enjoy this.

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What is XRP?

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1. Download the XRP TipBot App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

2. Open the app, tap Scan the QR at the bottom of this page or at the TORR TOYS contact page.

3. Now you can show your donation QR to other XRP TipBot users.



Yes, there is a new TORR TOYS Shop in the pipe. The URL is: https://www.torrtoys.shop and this shop will bring a state-of-the-art design, better options, a wider range - mostly TORR TOYS products but also other matching and high-quality coffee related items that will complement our own line. You can already register for the newsletter to get the early bird info and offers as soon as it will be online. There is no final relaunch date so far but we estimate it during October for sure. We are really curious to get this new shop online asap and hope it will be the same with you. Just to provide some more info in advance...

  1. there will be some great coffee beans in the shop
  2. there will be another TORR TOYS brand in the shop
  3. there will be a wider range of products available
  4. there will be an espresso machine available
  5. there will be more photos as usual available
  6. there will be great products and must-haves for sure

See you there soon....