Eureka Mignon 250 Square For Mignon Silencio - Specialità - Perfetto

As for the higher demand, the existing grinder design and the better options with a famous glass company in CZ, we are able now to switch or add the SQUARE Glass Hopper for the NEW Eureka Mignon grinder. We will update all info here soon. The colors, the surfaces and the quality will be different from the round glass as for technical reasons. When you can turn the glass, the surfaces and options are always better than those of a square mould.

As the NEW Mignon and its hopper is bigger compared to the MIGNON, we can´t use the same square hopper for both models. We will start with the square glass hopper for the improved New Mignon models where we can already see nine different variants, available in many colors. Most of the problems of the MIGNON 1 generation were solved with the new model so that we can see real improvements here, especially for espresso coffee where many of us know that the engine stopped when the ground coffee was too fine. For this much better Mignon, it is meaningful to have the TORR SQ Hopper for this little machine soon.

See picture attached to get an impression but the final design at the adapter side will be slightly different because we need to mount the glass more easily to keep the prices of the glass hopper in balance compared to the grinder price. The glass adapter is expected to be a Mignon Filling funnel without glass attached. We will also have different colors with the 250 SQ glass. Standard lids and adapter will be made from hard anodized aluminium - standard color of the metal parts will be black matte.

Glass Colors: CRYSTAL, Amber, Violet, Black - PREORDER SHOP

CRYSTAL Designs: 3 x Optics, 2 x Bubbles & 1 x Waffles

There are some new CRY Glass Designs available for the Autumn/Winter collection in the next time to expand the Crystal Glass Hopper range. We started with the Designs Bubbles and Classic Optics, after that we have tested the Spiral optics which was accepted very much by our customers. Also, Bulls-Eye Optics sells faster than expected. Now, both Designs are already in the new batch. We made tests with the designs Waffle Optics and the Optics Fine Stripes which are also in our programme now as they look fabulous. Most of these designs will be only available with the Crystal range but let´s see where we will end up. For sure, not all models will work with colours and all colours. The 1300 size will not be available in all Designs, and we will avoid the standard Bubbles here for sure because it´s a little out of control.

Crystal Designs: #PUR #Optics16 #Optics16 Spiral #OpticsFine #BullsEye Bubbles #Waffles #Bubbles Classic


Our TORR Glass Hopper for Eureka Mignon is something the community has been looking forward to for a long time. We are thrilled to welcome the MIGNON Glass at the TORR TOYS portfolio soon. As for this we are going to start a TORRCROWD campaign on 01.04.2019 at

The campaign is expected to run until end of April, maybe until Mid May to enable the first big batch of hoppers for the Eureka MIGNON ind the beginning of September.

mignon crowd project

mignon crowd project


Yes, there is a new TORR TOYS Shop in the pipe. The URL is: and this shop will bring a state-of-the-art design, better options, a wider range - mostly TORR TOYS products but also other matching and high-quality coffee related items that will complement our own line. You can already register for the newsletter to get the early bird info and offers as soon as it will be online. There is no final relaunch date so far but we estimate it during October for sure. We are really curious to get this new shop online asap and hope it will be the same with you. Just to provide some more info in advance...

  1. there will be some great coffee beans in the shop
  2. there will be another TORR TOYS brand in the shop
  3. there will be a wider range of products available
  4. there will be an espresso machine available
  5. there will be more photos as usual available
  6. there will be great products and must-haves for sure

See you there soon....

Glass Moulds

There are many possibilities for glass productions but in the end, it´s about the quality of the mould. You can use wood, graphite, different kinds of metal and of course, each material has its special properties and advantages compared to the others. Usually, wooden moulds are used for tests and small quantities but not all designs are possible here with this material. Metal moulds are used for higher quantities and more stable productions. However, there are glass blowers who only work with wooden molds as for the special and natural appearance of the results and the handmade character you get by using them.  We are going to make some tests soon with new high tec materials to enable better surfaces and more stable tolerances for our products. We are curious about the options and results. 

Wood vs Metal Mold

Trend Colors & Glass Hoppers Autumn/Winter 2018

The TOP trend colours (Pantone) for Autumn/Winter 2018 are:

  1. Red Pear 19-1536
  2. Valiant Poppy 18-1549
  3. Nebulas Blue 18-4048
  4. Ceylon Yellow 15-0850
  5. Martini Olive 18-0625
  6. Russet Orange 16-1255
  7. Ultra Violet 18-3838
  8. Crocus Petal 15-3520
  9. Limelight 12-0740
  10. Quetzal Green 18-5025

We decided to go with 6 of them (see colours Bold above) with the glass hoppers as far as possible. The Green and the Violet are already very famous when it comes to ours glass hopper orders from around the world. So let´s see what autumn will bring. For sure there is a big batch of 300 and 600 in Olive available from next week. We will post some nice pics soon here and on IG. 

Custom, colors and flavour

Increasing the range of TORR TOYS products and custom made items, doesn't only mean to have more and beautiful design options, it also means to get a cleaner cup and better flavour when it comes to great materials, special coatings and glass hoppers** for coffee grinders. To avoid plastics is not only sustainable, eco-friendly and durable, you can even taste it. As for the glass hopper, the beans will be fresh for a longer time here compared to the plastic solutions which are going to destroy the smell and taste even after a short time. Of course, there are special kinds of plastics, food grade plastics and high-tech materials but in the end, most of this ends up in a tasty disaster. 

In other words, the design and materials are always nice but you will also get an extra benefit from our TORR TOYS and we are always busy to find new solutions to improve and develop the products we offer.  

**(made from glass and metal only - no plastics)

New grinder couple Mahlkonig E65S & Anfim

The new professional Mahlkonig grinder, the E65S was just launched at the WOC in Amsterdam these days. This new MK grinder offers some nice advantages for the professionals and the home baristas as well. For sure the most important benefit compared to the K30 will be a smaller size and less space to be required on the counter or in the kitchen. Also, the price will be less than the cheapest K30 grinder available. In addition to the MK, there will be also a similar grinder available from Anfim, the Pratica, which belongs also to the HEMRO group.

This Anfim grinder comes with a cheaper outfit and body but has the same specs as the E65S grinder. While the MK price is expected to be approx. 1600 Euros, the Anfim will sell for approx. 1100 Euros. Also, the hoppers will be the same. We are going to launch the TORR TOYS glass hoppers here for this new grinder couple after the summer break in October. The new MK/ANF TORR hoppers are expected to be the same price as the Mahlkoenig. Max. size of the hoppers will be 1 KG here but we might go for a small one of approx. 300 and a standard one of around 1 KG.  The OEM hopper can hold 1.2 KG. We will decide later if there might be a total different glass design for this new Bestseller grinder made by Mahlkoenig or if we will use the existing 4  sizes and designs which will also work here. In the end, the demand will point out the way. 

Macap M2M - smaller adapter, smaller glass for entry level grinders

The entry-level coffee grinders like Macap M2M and Obel Junior Professional are much smaller concerning the hopper, funnel and all-over-size. As for this, we designed a new glass hopper, the 200 MINI for those models. Due to the smaller glass, we also need to reduce the size of the adapters here - it´s a totally new concept with smaller dimensions in all fields.

We are going to focus on prices of approx. 25% less than the standard range to match the cheaper grinder prices. In the beginning, there will be only 2 -3 crystal options, later we are going to expand to some beautiful colour variants also. The Mini glass hoppers are expected after the summer break in September 2018. 

New 1KG glass design for MK K30 and K30 PEAK

The "King of the Grinders", the Mahlkoenig K30 PEAK will have another hopper option soon. This new glass size will be to hold approx. 1KG of coffee and can be also used for all the other standard adapters of course. The upcoming 1 KG size hopper will be designed to match the amazing Mahlkoenig K30 Peak, and all the other K30 models, in the best possible way to get a beautiful all-over design with that round and short body. The hopper will be little taller than the 600 size but with a wider diameter on top and a different shape. The total height of the MK30 should be 50 cm max. in the end. With this 1 KG, we will also offer special limited editions for the PEAK grinder. We expect the new design to be ready after the summer break in September latest. 


Glass Hoppers for Entry Level Grinders in 2018

We are busy to expand our Glass Hopper range in 2018 also for ENTRY-LEVEL-GRINDERS. We are going to start with the famous models Eureka Mignon and Macap M2M. The availability is scheduled for March 2018. The Size of the small hoppers will be approx. 200g. The Eureka hopper will be square, the others might be similar to our 300g size but with a more simple adapter. Prices are not fixed so far but we expect them approx. 50% of the grinders price. 

We have a delay here and expect the Mignon glass hoppers with the square design for summer 2018. However, we will also try to offer filling funnels for that grinder then. 


New Options for Glass Hoppers added to the Shop

We added some "Black" options to the shop, these can be ordered as a XTRA for the Glass Hoppers to get a special Design to match your grinder, machine or personal preferences. We think it might be more easy to decide like this with a XTRA. Please add your XTRA always to the standard glossy polished parts price. e.g. You would like to order a Glass Hopper 300 for a Mazzer Mini E - Stainless Steel glossy S1 Adapter and a Black powder coat lid. 

  • Order the 300 Glass you like, Glossy Metal parts (Adapter & Lid)
  • Add the XTRA Lid "BlackPowder" and decide for Adapter "NO XTRA"

you will get your hopper with a black lid then. As for the wooden lids, we are busy with the final designs, they will be available soon. 


Wooden Lids For Glass Hoppers

After a break of some years, we start again with wooden lids for the Glass Hoppers. We are busy to develop two new designs in the beginning which will be the perfect match for the hoppers and a good alternative to the standard metal lids for those who prefer wood or also have wooden panels mounted to the espresso machine. The wooden designs will be different from the metal lids for sure and we expect timbers like Palisander, Walnut, Zebrawood, and Maple, maybe some European hardwoods also. As for the handmade glass which always shows a different inner diameter at the upper side of the glass, we need to work with O-rings or gaskets here in order to reach the right fit. Also, individual lids are possible. Final versions will appear soon.