New Glass Size - 450g now - 1800g soon

As for many requests in the past, we started to produce a batch of 450 g crystal glasses which is located between the sizes 300 and 600 now to fill the gap at the lower volume range of the glass hoppers. 

This size will be available only as crystal Optic and PUR version in the beginning order to check the demand here. The lid size is the same like the 300 size. The next, upcoming size is 1800 g as there is a demand for this at coffee shops and high volume bars. We will also start with small quantities here to check. The lid for the 1800 size will be the same as the 300 size, we will adapt the design on top for the big glasses, the fill-in area will be smaller. 

These two sizes, 450 and 1800, seem to be more important than the demand for the Mahlkoenig Twin glasses. For those who need to use the glass hoppers MK TWIN, it´s possible to use the 300 & 450 size which comes with a little smaller diameter than the OEM MK TWIN plastic hopper. 

The price of the 450 g hopper will be the same like the 300 size.