Custom, colors and flavour

Increasing the range of TORR TOYS products and custom made items, doesn't only mean to have more and beautiful design options, it also means to get a cleaner cup and better flavour when it comes to great materials, special coatings and glass hoppers** for coffee grinders. To avoid plastics is not only sustainable, eco-friendly and durable, you can even taste it. As for the glass hopper, the beans will be fresh for a longer time here compared to the plastic solutions which are going to destroy the smell and taste even after a short time. Of course, there are special kinds of plastics, food grade plastics and high-tech materials but in the end, most of this ends up in a tasty disaster. 

In other words, the design and materials are always nice but you will also get an extra benefit from our TORR TOYS and we are always busy to find new solutions to improve and develop the products we offer.  

**(made from glass and metal only - no plastics)

Wooden Lids For Glass Hoppers

After a break of some years, we start again with wooden lids for the Glass Hoppers. We are busy to develop two new designs in the beginning which will be the perfect match for the hoppers and a good alternative to the standard metal lids for those who prefer wood or also have wooden panels mounted to the espresso machine. The wooden designs will be different from the metal lids for sure and we expect timbers like Palisander, Walnut, Zebrawood, and Maple, maybe some European hardwoods also. As for the handmade glass which always shows a different inner diameter at the upper side of the glass, we need to work with O-rings or gaskets here in order to reach the right fit. Also, individual lids are possible. Final versions will appear soon. 


Black Glass Options....

When it comes to BLACK, there is no alternative, either you like it or not. It´s the same with our glass hoppers and If you like it black, it MUST be black. Being aware of this (as we also like it black), we offer different black options which are one of our most important glass projects now and in the in the near future. Please find the options below. Of course, they are made to order. Please ask for the delivery time for each custom made glass hopper.

Metal Options - Lid & Adapter

  • Inox/Stainless, silver glossy or matte finish
  • Inox, powder coated, black matte
  • DLC black (diamond-like carbon) 

Glass Options - all Sizes

  • Deep Black (coffee beans not visible) 
  • Violet/ Dark Black to protect the coffee (beans visible) 
  • Black translucent (coffee beans visible) 
  • Black glasses, sandblasted matte
  • Deep Black, flashed-glass (layers) with transparent cut/pattern
  • Deep Black outside, 2nd color inside
  • Black + colored or multicolored patterns 
  • PUR, OPTICS or BUBBLES design

All this can be combined with each other on demand to receive the unlimited custom made designs. See some samples below to get an impression.