Metal Parts - Surfaces & Colors for Glass Adapters, Funnels and Lids

Attached we provide different options for the mat metal finish (lids & adapters possible) and their characteristics. DLC & INOX are also possible as a glossy version, all others only mat.

Adapter Info:

  1. DLC = DIAMOND - LIKE - CARBON: A very hard, diamond-like thin film high-tech surface which can be applied on stainless steel or titanium. It´s the most valuable and durable coating we offer - either as glossy or matte finish. Amazing but expensive. Between very dark grey and black. We can´t reach deep, deep black here.

  2. INOX MAT: Stainless Steel special matte blasted. A very luxury and stressless stainless steel version, easy to clean but different from the grinder surfaces.

  3. INOX BLACK: Stainless Steel special matte blasted and decorative Black Nickel on top, Very nice and much cheaper than DLC. Real Dark Black color, high saturation.

  4. ALUMINIUM BLACK: Blasted and anodized or hard anodized. Similar to INOX BLACK but not that deep black. Will be the standard for upcoming black adapters. Cheapest of the coated versions. Other colors (like red, green, blue, brown) possible on demand. Very smooth.


Different Glass Adapter Options Mat - DLC Black - INOX Mat - INOX Black - Aluminium Black

Glass Specials & Art Pieces

With finding more and more high-end grinders and premium burrs in the market we also notice a higher demand for special glass hoppers, unique pieces and Art Glass as there is no need for an upgrade concerning the quality of the coffee and most of the grinder designs are timeless at all or even old-fashioned like many big Mazzers or the famous EK43 made by Mahlkoenig. Another good example of a special Art Piece is this Amber 600 hopper that comes with glossy DLC metal parts and a spiral + bubbles design. The problem of the unique pieces is to meet the exact requirements of the customer e.g. the right colour, the right design or a special pattern. Doing those Art pieces also means that we usually have to make more pieces to test and to be sure as you can only judge after having finished the glass in the cold workshop. As for this, it´s really important to discuss the wishes in detail before the final order is made. I guess it´s also clear that we can´t exchange Art Pieces which are made on demand and that those pieces need a much longer delivery time than the standards. 

For the future, we will try to produce and keep some specials and limited editions in stock but of course, you will never know. 

Glass Hopper - MK 600 Amber Spiral Optics & Bubbles - DLC Glossy Metal Parts