New pictures and videos

We made some new pictures and videos these days and checked also grinder/glass combinations, especially concerning size and colours. Sometimes, it´s really hard to decide which ones are the most beautiful matches. We are going to provide the images asap. The panorama picture shows the following grinders from left to right: 

1. Compak 2. - Rocket - 3. Mazzer Mini E - 4. Macap MD4  - 5. Quamar - 6. Ceado - 7. Macap (2) - 8. Eureka Zenith 9. - Mazzer Kony - 10. Mazzer Royal

some grinder options

yes, we made some drone shot in the showroom with the help of a cgi drone. 

We call it "Glass Family"

This Year will be the Year of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers as our "Glass Family" is really growing fast, especially in the field of new adapters, lids and coloured metal parts.   

There are some grinders that look beautiful just "Out of the Box", others need to be modified for sure. After some days and weeks with the Quamar, Eureka and Fiorenzato grinders one can say that those grinders really rock with our Glass Hoppers. In the end, you should decide yourself about the best options, complements and colours. However, we will show some set-ups these days with the upcoming batch of glass offering suggestions to select the right glass for your grinder. 


We are ready to go with some new Glass Hopper adapters just in time for the holiday season. So if your own a Quamar, Fiorenzato, Eureka, Eureka "Atom" or Rocket "Fausto" just let us know. We will update the Shops with those new grinder adapters until the end of the year. We will also update the compatibility list accordingly and provide it at the download areas.