New CEADO Grinders - a good reason for more GLASS HOPPERS

There are 3 new Ceado grinders available now, they are launched at the Sigep Fair from 19-23 of January in Rimini. One of them is a Single Dosing Grinder, the others are modified grind on demand grinders with ø 64mm and ø 83 mm flat burrs.

  • E37SL - a modified E37S with thermo control system, ø 83 mm flat burrs- the SL version comes in a larger body like the T (Titanium) with a powerful 500 W version and a new spout and better grind setting (Quick Set Gear)

  • E37R - an modified E37J with a more powerful 400W engine and a larger hopper of 1600g. As for the retention we will see how much it was improved here

  • E37SD - a Single Dose model, similar to the E37S and much cheaper than the Z-Hero model. The SD comes with ø 83 mm titanium burrs. The retention was even improved a little compared to the normal E37S

More details about the new grinders soon, as well the prices and possibility to order via Shop. With the broader programme of the Ceado grinders, we will also launch individual Glass Hoppers for the Ceado. The Ceado can be used with the Mazzer S1 adapter or with the special Ceado CEA adapter.


Versalab M3 Adapter and Glass for Dosing TOOL

With the increasing number of Versalab M3 grinders with its great dosing tool for SINGLE DOSING we are also able to provide special adapters "VERS3" and glass hoppers now. It´s also possible to use the standard Mahlkoenig MK adapter which uses the same inner diameter ( approx. ø 50 mm) but it´s more expensive and of course, the MK uses the outer bayonet you don´t need for the Versalab grinders. The better choice indeed is this special made Versalab adapter. Useful and recommended glass for the Versalab is 250/300/450 and 600 size. 

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

New Versalab Adapter "VERS3"

Macap M2M - smaller adapter, smaller glass for entry level grinders

The entry-level coffee grinders like Macap M2M and Obel Junior Professional are much smaller concerning the hopper, funnel and all-over-size. As for this, we designed a new glass hopper, the 200 MINI for those models. Due to the smaller glass, we also need to reduce the size of the adapters here - it´s a totally new concept with smaller dimensions in all fields.

We are going to focus on prices of approx. 25% less than the standard range to match the cheaper grinder prices. In the beginning, there will be only 2 -3 crystal options, later we are going to expand to some beautiful colour variants also. The Mini glass hoppers are expected after the summer break in September 2018. 

New 1KG glass design for MK K30 and K30 PEAK

The "King of the Grinders", the Mahlkoenig K30 PEAK will have another hopper option soon. This new glass size will be to hold approx. 1KG of coffee and can be also used for all the other standard adapters of course. The upcoming 1 KG size hopper will be designed to match the amazing Mahlkoenig K30 Peak, and all the other K30 models, in the best possible way to get a beautiful all-over design with that round and short body. The hopper will be little taller than the 600 size but with a wider diameter on top and a different shape. The total height of the MK30 should be 50 cm max. in the end. With this 1 KG, we will also offer special limited editions for the PEAK grinder. We expect the new design to be ready after the summer break in September latest. 


Broken Glass Hopper - What should I do?

Our Glass Hoppers are indeed very sturdy to last for many many years without any hassle. In the end, it´s still glass with the chance to crack or break for some reasons. We would like to explain and show what to do in this worst case. Usually, the first thing should be to send us a picture of your broken TORR Glass Hopper, also a picture of your grinder so that we have the chance to see your equipment, the glass hopper (if possible) and the grade of damage. After that the procedure would be like this: 

  1.  cover the metal adapter with tape in a very good way to protect the metal from hard scratches and dots
  2. cover the glass with some cloth and arrange a plastic bag around it 
  3. make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands and use a hammer to destroy the glass completely
  4. remove the bag and peel off the broken glass as far as possible 
  5. send this adapter with the rest of the glass (still protected by the tape) and wrapped well to our company 
  6. make sure to add the lid to the parcel
  7. if you send from NON-EU make sure to send it as a sample or spare part - declare a low value of approx. 10 USD/EUROS and provide the shipping NR. if possible
  8. you can decide at once or when we receive the parcel if you want to have an exchange glass or Glass Hopper, or if we should overwork the existing parts for you. the price and the delivery/waiting time depends on the glass hopper model, the existing damage, and our actual glass productions. We will be able to offer all options for you to keep the harm as low as possible
  9. we provide some pictures attached to make all obvious



Custom Gallery

We added a customer gallery to our glass hopper section to showcase some beautiful set-ups of our customers. If you have a TORR TOYS glass hopper, please feel free to send us some pics (and the permission) to provide them here for other coffee lovers. We are always curious to see how all the glass looks at the final destinations, either at home, in the coffee shops or at any other professional environment. Customer Gallery

In The Name Of Blue

Our "Light Blue" glass hoppers enable a colorful spot around the workspace or kitchen when it should not be too colorful, too powerful at all. The light blue works also with many other colors and is really an option for those who like it pure but don´t want to go just for crystal clear glass. Our favorite is to pair this light blue with a lot of white colors (white walls, tiles...) around and mount it to matte Inox metal parts to get a soft and quite natural impression. 

TORR TOYS Glass meets Macap & Mazzer at the Beach

We made some new pictures with the beautiful grinders Mazzer Mini/E and Macap MD4. We added a TORR Hopper 600 Crystal Optics to the Mazzer and a 300 YG / yellow-green glass to the Macap. The location was the Ericeira harbor on a sunny, late afternoon Portuguese summer day. 

More pictures will be available in the Galleries these days. We are going to offer also new High Res pics for our resellers on demand. 

New Pictures, TORR TOYS Glass meets Macap & Mazzer

New Pictures, TORR TOYS Glass meets Macap & Mazzer

New Packaging for Glass

This new glass packaging enables a safe and reliable shipping for the glass hoppers even under harsh conditions. Each hopper size has its own sturdy foam and a very thick carton box around. The TORR TOYS logo at the carton is handprinted, the detailed info about the glass is provided on a sticker. You glass hopper will arrive safe and secure with this new protection box. 

Box: Hopper 300/ 200 x 200 x 250 mm - Hopper 600/ 250 x 250 x 320 mm       Hopper 1300/ 300 x 300 x 400

New Glass Hopper Packaging.