Bohemia Glass means Czech Glass means High Quality

Bohemia Glass is famous for hundreds of years. Bohemia is a historical country of central Europe, and it was part of Czechoslovakia. Since 1993 it has formed elements of the Czech Republic. As for the long tradition and the well-known name, we call our glass “Bohemia Glass” now because we produce the glass in the Czech Republic where we can get the quality we need as for the long and still existing tradition in glass making. In the end, Bohemia Glass is Czech Glass, which means for you that you will get the best glass quality available adapted to the demand for our products and made by famous Czech Glass companies. We will provide more details about our glass, the glass hoppers and the handmade production soon. We will show the production processes, and we will tell you about the quality and the passion you need to get these extraordinary products. All our new productions are Bohemia Glass / Czech Glass now. More to come soon.

Glass Hopper Production 1300 - Bulls Eye Bubbles

Glass Hopper Production 1300 - Bulls Eye Bubbles

Glass Moulds

There are many possibilities for glass productions but in the end, it´s about the quality of the mould. You can use wood, graphite, different kinds of metal and of course, each material has its special properties and advantages compared to the others. Usually, wooden moulds are used for tests and small quantities but not all designs are possible here with this material. Metal moulds are used for higher quantities and more stable productions. However, there are glass blowers who only work with wooden molds as for the special and natural appearance of the results and the handmade character you get by using them.  We are going to make some tests soon with new high tec materials to enable better surfaces and more stable tolerances for our products. We are curious about the options and results. 

Wood vs Metal Mold