Rancilio Silvia & Mazzer Mini E plus TORR TOYS 300 Light Blue

Simple and classic designs are always en vogue and can´t be wrong. The Rancilio Silvia is a home barista bestseller espresso machine for many years, the Mazzer Mini E is still a top seller for home and small professional use when it comes to coffee- and espresso grinders.

A good reason to arrange a little set-up with those famous tools adding our TORR TOYS Mazzer glass hopper light blue** 300 bubbles. The light blue is one of the strongest colours of the season. You can also see a TORR Goldfinger tamper 58.5 convex,  a Motta pitcher Rosso 350 ml and a TORR knock BoXx Inox in the picture. 

** the light blue glass has a little less saturation and a warmer touch in real. colours might be different, each piece of glass is unique. 

Mazzer S1, S2, S3 - Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony, Mazzer Royal/Robur

Our most favourite range of TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers is the Mazzer grinder glass for coffee grinders. It´s not only about the grinders itself but we can find a similar Design of grinders here, different sizes and a big quantity of models, all of them in excellent quality. It´s really a pleasure to mix different Mazzer grinders in one location with different glasses and Glass Hoppers. For the Mazzer grinder glass, we offer 3 different adapters and all sizes: 300, 600, 1300. If you don´t care about the classic OEM design of your grinder, or if you need to reduce the size of your grinder for any reason, all glass sizes are possible for each grinder. So it´s possible to use a 300 size glass for a Mazzer Royal or Robur (old model available so far) as well as to use a 1300 glass for the Mazzer Super Jolly if you like it or need it in a high volume coffee bar as a professional barista. 

Actually, we modified the S2 and S3 adapter to make it more sleek and elegant. This is possible with our stainless steel construction compared to the OEM plastic parts. As the Mazzer grinders are available in good quantities worldwide and as a result of the higher demand of Glass Hoppers here, we are going to expand the Mazzer adapter models concerning the finish and colours to match each and every need from glossy and matte stainless steel to black coated, DLC and many more.

  • Mazzer S1: Mini, Mini E, Super Jolly, Lux, Mazzer/LM and similar
  • Mazzer S2: Kony and ZM 
  • Mazzer S3: Major, Royal, Robur and similar

### do you like to see an 1800 g glass for the Robur/Royal or is the 1300 size big enough? ###

Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony E, Mazzer Royal - all with dark violet Glass Hopper

Mazzer Mini E, Mazzer Kony E, Mazzer Royal - all with dark violet Glass Hopper

Macap MD4/5 - Mazzer Mini E

Although there is a special Glass Adapter available for Macap MD4/5 (MAC 1) you can choose the Mazzer S1 Adapter for this Macap grinders also if you like to use the glass hopper with both models, Macap and Mazzer, or if you need to switch for any other reason between those high-end home grinders. The S1 will sit little lower at the Macap and the fit is not 100% perfect but it´s a really good option for those who want to work with both models. This procedure can't be done the other way, so don´t use a Macap for the Mazzer Mini. For further details or pictures, ask our technical support. 

Mazzer S1 at Macap MD4