Coffee Shops & Big Hoppers

Although there is a trend to use small hoppers even with big grinders, we notice that our customers order bigger Glass Hoppers like the 1300 model and also ask for more significant options to be used for coffee shops and high volume bars where it´s a standard to use some KGs of coffee per day. The Mahlkoenig K30 and the big Mazzer grinders like Kony, Major and Robur are real workhorses and look really beautiful with big and colorful TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers. However, there are more big grinders which can be used with a 1300 hopper. As you might know, we can provide hoppers for most of the professional and semi-professional grinders in the market, and the range is still growing. So it doesn´t matter if you are running a big Eureka Olympus, Fiorenzato F71 or a famous Macap MD7, you can be sure that we will have the right adapter for your grinder to offer the option to use one of our luxury and useful Glass Hoppers made from handblown glass in small batches.



Mazzer S2 & S3 simplified

We modified the Glass Adpaters Mazzer S2 & S3 for the big Mazzer grinders again to make them more simple compared to the first version and of course much more simple and elegant compared to the OEM plastics version. With this modified models where we just mount the hook with the help of 2 screws, we can reach a better finish and also different kinds of finishes more easily. As for the higher weight of the glass and TORR TOYS Adapter, which is made from massive stainless steel, we leave out the screw but you can order it on demand if it´s necessary for you. The standard version is the polished one here but you can get all coatings, finishes and paintings on demand. With this new version of the S2  & S3 we enable big Coffee Shops to use our TORR TOYS Glass Hoppers, where the Mazzer Royal, Major, Kony, ZM and Robur grinders are the most favorite ones around the world. 

The Glass Adapter can be also used as a filling funnel for single dosing without any glass for those who like to work like this or if you don´t have any space for the hopper. 



Mazzer S2 & Mazzer S3 - Glass Adapter for Kony, Robur, Major, Royal, ZM

After having some problems with the improved production of the quite complicated Mazzer S2/S3 adapters which fit for the Mazzer Kony & ZM (S2) and the Mazzer Robur, Major plus Royal (S3) we are able to finish another batch here in the next days after the polishing process.

This was the first model of the S2/S3 adapters and it was modified to get a more elegant design. 08.08.2018