New Adapters For Ceado Quick Set Gear Models

As Ceado modified most of the E37 grinder 2019 models we also had to change the glass adapter here to allow a perfect fit. With the new CEA adapter ø 56/58/23 mm it is possible to use the glass hopper for the remaining “Rubber Chute” like E37J and also for the E37S with Quick Set Gear. There is no more chance to use the MAZ S1 adapter for the new E37S 2019 models. The Ceado rubber chute is only used for the ø 64mm flat burr Ceados and for the E37S / 2018 models.

In addition to that we can add now the magnet for the E37K (conic model) at the outer part of the glass to keep the security switch in a perfect working condition. The E37K looks fine with a 300, 600 and 1300 glass hopper which uses the same body like the Ceado E37 Titanium.

We will add the new Ceado adapters to the shop these days. They will be available in the beginning of March. All new Ceado grinders will be delivered as 2019 model. Unfortunately, we had to adapt the prices here for the new models due to the Ceado guideline.

Quick Set Gear and Security Switch

Quick Set Gear and Security Switch

Quick Set Gear

Quick Set Gear

Glass adapters for coffee grinders 13 available & 2 more in the pipe

Glass / Grinder Adapter: 

To get a better overview about the adapters and options, we list them here again, also those which will appear soon marked as "NEW". More info at the grinder compatibility list. All TORR TOYS adapters can be paired with all glass sizes: 250/300/600/1300 and the upcoming size 1000 which is going to be developed for the MK K30. However, the new Macap 2M2

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Big Filling Funnel for MK

As our Glass Adapters are also used as Filling Funnels we made some special ones with a higher volume of approx. 90-100 g coffee beans. We started with the funnel for MK where single dosing is very popular with the Mahlkönig EK43 Grinder. We will produce big Filling Funnels also for other grinder models and also on demand. Different finishes available on demand. These first models are made from stainless steel, we expect them to be made from anodized aluminium in the future as for the high prices, a result of big diameters we need. The top diameter is ø 115 mm and it´s made of one single piece of stainless steel.  


Glass Hoppers for Entry Level Grinders in 2018

We are busy to expand our Glass Hopper range in 2018 also for ENTRY-LEVEL-GRINDERS. We are going to start with the famous models Eureka Mignon and Macap M2M. The availability is scheduled for March 2018. The Size of the small hoppers will be approx. 200g. The Eureka hopper will be square, the others might be similar to our 300g size but with a more simple adapter. Prices are not fixed so far but we expect them approx. 50% of the grinders price. 

We have a delay here and expect the Mignon glass hoppers with the square design for summer 2018. However, we will also try to offer filling funnels for that grinder then. 


New Glass Size - 450g now - 1800g soon

As for many requests in the past, we started to produce a batch of 450 g crystal glasses which is located between the sizes 300 and 600 now to fill the gap at the lower volume range of the glass hoppers. 

This size will be available only as crystal Optic and PUR version in the beginning order to check the demand here. The lid size is the same like the 300 size. The next, upcoming size is 1800 g as there is a demand for this at coffee shops and high volume bars. We will also start with small quantities here to check. The lid for the 1800 size will be the same as the 300 size, we will adapt the design on top for the big glasses, the fill-in area will be smaller. 

These two sizes, 450 and 1800, seem to be more important than the demand for the Mahlkoenig Twin glasses. For those who need to use the glass hoppers MK TWIN, it´s possible to use the 300 & 450 size which comes with a little smaller diameter than the OEM MK TWIN plastic hopper. 

The price of the 450 g hopper will be the same like the 300 size. 


New Adapters for Glass Hopper & Roadmap 2017

We managed to develop and add a lot of new adapters to our range in 2016 and in the beginning of 2017. There are 8 different major adapters available now which can be used for many grinders - see compatibility listYou can also see upcoming grinder adapters and projects in the Roadmap 2017 where we will add: 

  • Quamar
  • Fiorenzato
  • Rocket
  • Eureka 

There is one big change concerning the grinder models. The actual Elektra Nino Grinder needs the Macap 2 Adapter now!! The old model of this Elektra conical burr grinder needs the MK (Mahlkoenig Adapter). Please let us know about this Elektra Nino issue if it might be important for you.