New grinder pics with many options to choose the right glass

We prepared some new pictures grinder & glass - this will enable our customers to choose the right patterns and right colors for each grinder. Sometimes it´s really amazing how the all over design of the grinder looks different, just with the change of the glass hopper and its color or pattern. We are going to provide more and more pictures every day.

To see all the options you can visit our Glasshopper area at "Glasshopper & Grinder" - under each grinder you will find a link to the gallery of the matching pictures. We are going to start with the following grinders: 1. Ceado, 2. Mazzer Mini, 3. Macap MD4/MD5 and 4. Compak K3 - more to come. We will be glad if this will help to decide about the right TORR TOYS glass hopper you want for your grinder.