New Pearl Matte Inox Finish

We are happy to announce a new, matte finish for the metal parts of the glass hopper. This semi-matte, pearl finish is more sturdy, looks more beautiful than ever before. We are going to reach this with the help of a 2 step glass-blasting process, one of them dry, the other one wet. The appearance of this finish is similar to well-known laptops which have some kind of a fruit but our surface is much more valuable as it´s made from stainless steel, not from aluminum with the help of a simple galvanic process. We are going to offer this finish on demand or with the upcoming TORR prime collection. This new finish is more expensive than the simple matte and even more expensive than the glossy version but it´s worth every single cent. This new matte finish will be also the base for matte DLC black.