Broken Glass Hopper - What should I do?

Our Glass Hoppers are indeed very sturdy to last for many many years without any hassle. In the end, it´s still glass with the chance to crack or break for some reasons. We would like to explain and show what to do in this worst case. Usually, the first thing should be to send us a picture of your broken TORR Glass Hopper, also a picture of your grinder so that we have the chance to see your equipment, the glass hopper (if possible) and the grade of damage. After that the procedure would be like this: 

  1.  cover the metal adapter with tape in a very good way to protect the metal from hard scratches and dots
  2. cover the glass with some cloth and arrange a plastic bag around it 
  3. make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands and use a hammer to destroy the glass completely
  4. remove the bag and peel off the broken glass as far as possible 
  5. send this adapter with the rest of the glass (still protected by the tape) and wrapped well to our company 
  6. make sure to add the lid to the parcel
  7. if you send from NON-EU make sure to send it as a sample or spare part - declare a low value of approx. 10 USD/EUROS and provide the shipping NR. if possible
  8. you can decide at once or when we receive the parcel if you want to have an exchange glass or Glass Hopper, or if we should overwork the existing parts for you. the price and the delivery/waiting time depends on the glass hopper model, the existing damage, and our actual glass productions. We will be able to offer all options for you to keep the harm as low as possible
  9. we provide some pictures attached to make all obvious