Glasshopper Color 600


Glasshopper Color 600

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Brief Product Information

Hand-blown glass hopper for approx. 600g of coffee beans. Colored glass in different designs with full metal Inox glass adapter of your choice to be used with all important coffee grinder brands and models. Hand-polished high gloss finish adapter and lid, metal parts are also available in semi-matte finish. Glass mounted with food grade silicone. Comes with metal slider. Colors are made in complex flashed-glass technique. More pictures see: Grinder & Glass Gallery

Weight: approx. 1500 - 1800 gr   -  Size:  ø 158mm - height approx. 180mm - +/- 5mm


Glass Hopper Color 600  - please choose: 

  • Mazzer S1
  • Macap 1
  • Macap 2
  • Compak 1
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