TORR GF 58.55 Convex Sternenhimmel Tamper

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TORR GF 58.55 Convex Sternenhimmel Tamper

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TORR GF 58.55 Convex Goldfinger Brass White and Swarovski inserts. A real luxury TORR Tamper.

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Brief Product Information

Titan Grade 5 ø 58.55 mm / 20mm trapeze flat base with a sharp edge. Hand-polished semi-matte finish and black TORR logo. Handmade wooden handles in different sizes and colors - high gloss polished with natural wax. Three spacer/washer options to set the right height. Inner thread M12 + pin. 

Weight:  TI- Base: 170 gr - Wooden GF Handle: From 35 gr Zebra Wood - 60 gr African Blackwood - Washer 3/5/8 - 8/14/21 gr - Wooden XS & Classic Handles handles approx. + 25%.

Each wooden handle is handmade and unique concerning the grain and texture of the wood as its a natural product.

Additional Information

Based on the Classic TORR Tamper we developed the modular trapeze flat sharp edge concept - TF SE - which is presented in many different handles and sizes to satisfy all barista needs. The 58.55 mm size is used for precision baskets like VST, La Marzocco and IMS which are available for all serious espresso machines. The narrow fit combined with the trapeze-shaped design allows the best extraction possible. We recommend the shorter GF handle + 8mm washer of your choice for this TORR SE tamper to get a better, more sensitive feel for the process.

The Titanium Grade 5 material offers a lightweight tamper with a maximum stability and durability. It is an extraordinary professional tool with a touch of luxury. 

If you wish to make any compromises and like the special, this will be the tamper of your choice to last.