Good News - Crypto (NEO) Acceptance via Apple & Samsung Pay

NEO Smart Economy arranged a partnership with ZEUX to enable customers to pay via Apple and Samsung PAY now. NEO will be made available on May 7th. via ZEUX app. As we accept Apple Pay via our payment gate Stripe you can spend your Crypto money easily at our existing shop ( and at the upcoming store:

Apple Pay can be used in:

  • Australien, China, Hongkong, Japan, Neuseeland, Singapur, Taiwan

  • Brazil, USA, Canada, Saudi-Arabia, UAE

  • Europe (most countries)

for further Detail please check your Apple Pay and Samsung Pay websites.

La Pavoni Lever Bottomless Portafilter and TORR Tampers

There are bottomless portafilters for La Pavoni Lever (Europiccola & Professional) available now on the Accessories Store. The portafilters are available for Pre-Millennium - ø 49 mm models and for ø 51 mm Millennium machines. Both versions come with a double filter basket either with a plastic or walnut handle. The ø 49 mm models are slightly more expensive than the Millennium models. The matching tampers are TORR SE (sharp edge) 49,4 and 51.5 mm in Titanium Grade 5 and Stainless Steel. We will develop new handle designs for the M12 threaded portafilters soon and expect 3-4 different types of wood here.


New Shop, FinTech & Great Stuff

Working on the new TORR TOYS Web Shop which is not ready so far as it´s always more work than you expect, it´s a pleasure nevertheless to find new and upcoming FineTech stuff or to work with this more sincerely. To make it short…

I just want to provide some little things which are really amazing to work with:

  • OUT OF THE SANDBOX - TURBO THEMES FOR SHOPIFY: - They make a great job and extraordinary software, always up-to-date and made to win

  • Telegram Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. No need to provide your phone number. You can also subscribe to other users and news. 100% FB free. - TORR: @TORRTOYS

  • Brave: Much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web. It´s fast and safe.

  • - Wallet & Card App to buy, sell, track and send. Works like a bank but much better. Low fees, easy to handle and made for the next generation of shopping experience with less influence of banks and corruption. If you want to try it, you can use our referral link with our referral code: 3M14MAC456

  • - sony A7 - they changed photography, video & film with the help of some little tools.

The next TORR TOYS SHOP will be very modern, very digital, more stylish, more crypto and more PURE - stay tuned & enjoy the good stuff!


The new range of Titanium Grade 5 Tampers is available now - all Sharp Edge SE. It´s incredible to see and feel the difference between a normal stainless steel and the Titanium Grade 5, where we offer a glossy finish for the GF tampers. The normal bases will have the polished surface at the trapeze side only.

To have an impression about the difference in weight. The GF stainless steel is approx. 540g handle included, the Titanium Grade 5 is approx. 320g. This offers a totally different way to work and a much better feeling for the sharp edges. Indeed the handling of the TI G5 Tamper is different but you will love it.

The TITANIUM range is strictly focussed to the size of the IMS and VST filter baskets.


E&B LAB Filters available - 20/22/24/26 mm H

We have been waiting for the 20mm H basket from IMS for a while, now we can provide it as E&B LAB version with the 715 holes. All Filter Baskets from this range are ridegeless. The 20 mm one can be also used as a Single. We use the supplier filling info for those baskets although we usually like to have more space on top of the coffee.

  • 2T 12/14 g H20

  • 2T 14/16 g H22

  • 2T 16/18 g H24

  • 2T 18/20 g H26

The E&B baskets might be the best money can buy but you can test yourself now to compare. We will also have them with X-TREME CC coating attached.


E&B LAB Filter

BFCM - Cyber Week Offers - 23.11. - 30.11

We have made a nice arrangement for you to introduce some new products with our BFCM promotion during the Cyber Week 2018. Offers can be found at the “Outlet Store” - we will change the adjust and change the “Sales” every day. You can ask for the items you like, we will be able to provide a good offer for sure. Have a great Cyber Week everybody.


Portafilter - Wings and Measures

We have some issues every now and then concerning the portafilters, doesn´t matter if they are after market, OEM or bottomless ones - also if the chosen brand is the right one. To decide about the fit it´s helpful to provide pictures and some measures. We show here which are the most important values to check your portafilter in order to be sure with the new one you are asking for.

Also the all-over ø dimeter is important - not only the wings

The cut and the Chrome decides about the exact measurements

X-TREME CC - New High Tech Coating for Filters, Baskets and more

There is a new coating available - X-TREME CC. That´s the stuff we have been waiting for - AMAZING! We are going to start with the best and most important IMS items, more items to come soon. Any part you like can be applied with this coating but you need to wait for the next batch of course.

  • Extra sturdy

  • Teflon® like

  • Resistant against chemicals

  • Beautiful golden multicolor appearance

If you want the best, here we go….

### The Black DLC Filter Baskets will be only made on demand as they don´t have the same non-stick properties compare to the new X-TREME CC coating ###


Titanium Tamper - New Diameters - New Designs

We are going to produce some new Titanium Tampers, made from Titanium G5 these days. There will be some new diameters and designs available of course as the acceptance of our TI G5 tampers is quite amazing. It´s also possible to add a DLC coating on top of the TI G5 pistons. There is not that much to beat this combination.

  • GF 58.55 TI G5 TC SE - Goldfinger - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Convex - Sharp Edge

  • GF 58.55 TI G5 TF SE - Goldfinger - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • GFH 41 TI G5 TF SE - GF Handle - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • GFH 49 TI G5 TF SE - GF Handle - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • TT 58.55 TI G5 TF SE - TORR Classic - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • TT 58.80 TI G5 TF SE - TORR Classic - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

Let´s see where we will end up with the Titanium.. You are also welcome to let us know the designs and sizes you would like to see. We can also produce small quantities and custom made products. Don´t hesitate to drop a mail.

TORR Tamper Pistons

IMS RNT Competition Screens & Silicone Gaskets

There are 4 different professional silicone gaskets available now for a better, softer grip and longer durability:

  • for E61 and similar / E61 Yellow - ø 73x57x8,5

  • for E61 and similar / E61 Orange - ø 73x57x8,0

  • for La Marzocco / LM Red - ø 72x55x6.1/8mm

  • for Nuova Simonelli / NS Blue - ø 71x56x9mm

The best way to use these gaskets is to combine them with the reinforced IMS RNT shower screens to enable best results and performance. Choose your professional tools at our accessories store.


Espresso Machines - Conti Leva and other great machines

We are going to start more serious with some espresso machines now to complete the program. The machines are well know but also niche products for the real barista and coffee lovers. Furthermore, they offer a great value for the money. The machines are:

  1. Conti Leva CC 101 PM ( 1 GR/ 2GR / 3GR)

  2. other special machines you will not get around the corner…

more info shortly and on demand.



It´s no secret that non-stick coatings used for high-quality filter baskets and shower screens are excellent to keep all clean and running correctly. We can find this, e.g. when using Teflon® and Nano Quartz technology. However, most of those coatings are not hard enough. The DLC coating offers an alternative, but normally the non-stick properties are not as good as with Teflon® or Nano technology. Now we have the chance to use a coating that could be called TEFLON-DLC. We can find the durable properties of the DLC here, as well the non-stick properties of Teflon®. The material is of golden colour and in one word - it´s incredible. Final pricing, in the long run, depends on the quantities we will make and on the demand of the customers.


IMS REINFORCED Shower Screens and new models available

There are new IMS shower screens available now:

Reinforced 200 µm models for Marzocco, Simonelli & E61:

  1. MA 200 RNT - SR 200 RNT - E61 200 RNT

Nano Coated Models 200 µm for:

  1. San Marco Leva

  2. Gaggia / Saeco

  3. Dalla Corte/ La Spaziale

  4. Astoria Plus4You/San Marco

Just check the Accessory Store to find the right screen or IMS tool for you.

IMS REINFORCED NANO Screens available now: E61, La Marzocco & Simonelli

IMS REINFORCED NANO Screens available now: E61, La Marzocco & Simonelli

Conti Lever & Ceado E37 - the perfect match

The mission was to find a good solution for a great, new upcoming restaurant in downtown Lisbon which will open the doors in mid-September. As the restaurant and bar is an open space close to the guest room the task was to find a very beautiful and silent solution for this stylish restaurant. We decided to go for a lever machine, of course, a Conti in this case, combined with a Ceado E37J /64mm burrs as speed is no issue here. The Ceado has only little retention and even after a while of serving no coffee, we have the chance to set the third extra button of the new Ceado display to a minimum, approx. 1 sec, to get rid of the older coffee. Both machines really work well together and we are sure that they will do a great job in the daily business. It´s amazing to notice how silent this set-up really is and how easy it is to learn to handle this couple after a short instruction. More info and pics to come soon....

Machine: Conti Lever 1 GR - Grinder: Ceado E37J - Extras: IMS Baskets 14 Gr + 9 Gr Single - Tamper: TORR Goldfinger 58.5 Convex - Glass Hopper: soon - Coffee: to be selected, should be organic 

Team "Silent" - Conti Lever & Ceado