Summer Sale from 25th of June until the 21st of July

We start our "Summer Sale" today. You can find the items on sale, which are real bargains, at the "outlet store" indicated with an extra red dot. The offers are valid until the 21st of July, they will be changed and modified day by day. So take your chance to grab nice stuff for a great price. 

We are are going to extend the summer sale until the 21st of July. We need some space for new products and developments, especially in the field of glass hoppers. 

Summer Sale TORR Tamper TI G5 SE 58.55 

Ceado Grinders - New Models for 2018 & New Prices

We had to modify the prices of the new Ceado Grinder family Mod. 2018 - E37J, E37S, E37T & E37K. However, they were modified and they are still very good grinders for the money, especially after the improvements of the 2018 models. The recommended prices, VAT incl. are now for the 220V/ EU Electronic Grind on-demand** version: 

  1. E37J - 1.075,00 Euros
  2. E37S - 1.670,00 Euros
  3. E37T - 2.415,00 Euros
  4. E37K - 3.109,00 Euros

We will set the new Ceado Family in the Shop soon and will offer also some TORR Glass Hoppers with the new models. There will be also new pics available and some nice glass options. 

**other Ceado grinders upon request, please ask



    More Nanotech Items

    The Nanotech Portafilters are treated all over with a special coating like the IMS Nano screens and baskets to get perfect non-stick properties and a much better durability compared to a Teflon® coating. This coating is a kind of a mineral coating (silica) which is food safe and resistant to most chemicals. The result is a cleaner cup and of course, the portafilter is much easier to clean, you can just rinse with water. 

    We added all the Portafilter range to the Accessoires Store. The Portafilters are the perfect add-on to the Nano Screens and Filter Baskets. 

    This professional range of Portafilters is available as La Marzocco, Faema E61 and Simonelli model, all are 15° angled. They can be paired with a single- or double Nano spout.


    Pro Barista Standard & Nanotech Baskets by IMS

    We have the new IMS ProBarista Baskets in stock now. They are available as standard baskets and also with the superior and very durable "Nanotech" coating. They are available in 12/14/17/21g size and have a total amount of 661 holes which appear at a total flat bottom. The body is ridgeless and those baskets are the best ones we have seen so far. They are a real competitor (like many other IMS baskets) to the VST and it´s a reason to switch or to test and compare for sure. We will set them in the shop shortly and will also make an outlet offer together with a sharp edge tamper to start with this great range of baskets. They can be used with our TORR tampers 58.5/ 58.55 and 58.80 (most perfect fit). The price of the normal ones is little less than the VST, the NANO coated range is 30€ each. 


    Collection TORR TOYS Goldfinger Tampers

    These are the most important Goldfinger Precision Tampers we offer. The 58 range tampers are available as 58.55 Trapeze Flat SE (sharp edge) and 58.5 Trapeze Flat, also as 58.5 Convex - other sizes on demand. All tampers in standard semi matte finish or high gloss (+10 euros) on demand. The Goldfinger is made for those who like a heavy tamper combined with ergonomic design. All types of wood available also coated metal handles which are heavier than the wooden ones. The most important types of wooden handles are Olive Wood, Walnut, Zebra Wood and African Blackwood. The Goldfinger comes with the 8mm golden washer as a standard. Black and Inox washers in all sizes 3/5/8 mm will be an option to set the right height or to change the design.  


    IMS standards, Nanotec and DLC

    We added the range of IMS screens and baskets to our Shop as this is a perfect match for our tampers. We offer all the IMS articles, even if they are not listed. Not only the new IMS NANOTEC products are available, we also produce our high-end DLC black coated IMS items to offer the best money can buy. IMS items are also available for wholesale. You can also find a wider range of IMS baskets at our partner page: cafekultur


    TORR 58.5 Trapeze Flat - R1

    In addition to the 58.55 SE (sharp egde) we offer now the same tamper piston, made for VST/ La Marzocco baskets, with a small radius R1 for those who like to have the narrow fit but having doubts about the sharp edge. The piston can be paired with all handle sizes and designs, all washers as well. We start with some offers here. 

     TORR 58.5 TF R1

    TORR 58.5 TF R1

    Goldfinger Diabolo Family 54.4 & 58.5 convex

    The Goldfinger Diabolo is available as 54.4 convex and 58.5 convex version. Metal and wood handle options, GF size. 

    The GF handle allows all the 3 washers 3, 5 or 8mm as and add-on for the Diabolo. The DIABOLO is the GF Design especially for smaller pistons and to reach a more stylish design. Both tampers are available from stock now in good quantities and can be ordered also for wholesale.

     GF Diabolo 54.5

    GF Diabolo 54.5

     GF Diabolo 58.5

    GF Diabolo 58.5

    New Tampers - 54.4 IN TF SE & Goldfinger Diabolo 54.5 Convex

    The TORR TOYS tamper family is growing. We offer 2 new tampers for Dalla Corte, San Marco and Olympia Express Maximatic. These new tools work perfectly with the IMS B66 baskets and allow a perfect, narrow fit to reach a better extraction. There is one classic Sharp Edge flat tamper piston - 54.4 TF SE - made from Inox which can be paired with all available handles and washers. The other is a new Goldfinger Design, called DIABOLO. This one comes with a convex curve - 54.5 mm - and needs the GF handle, either from metal or wood.

    The GF handle allows all the 3 washers 3, 5 or 8mm as and add-on for the Diabolo. The DIABOLO is the GF Design for smaller piston diameters to reach a more stylish design. Both tampers are available from stock now in good quantities and can be ordered also for wholesale. 

     54.4 TF SE & GF 54.5 TC Diabolo 

    54.4 TF SE & GF 54.5 TC Diabolo