E&B LAB Filters available - 20/22/24/26 mm H

We have been waiting for the 20mm H basket from IMS for a while, now we can provide it as E&B LAB version with the 715 holes. All Filter Baskets from this range are ridegeless. The 20 mm one can be also used as a Single. We use the supplier filling info for those baskets although we usually like to have more space on top of the coffee.

  • 2T 12/14 g H20

  • 2T 14/16 g H22

  • 2T 16/18 g H24

  • 2T 18/20 g H26

The E&B baskets might be the best money can buy but you can test yourself now to compare. We will also have them with X-TREME CC coating attached.


E&B LAB Filter