IMS RNT Competition Screens & Silicone Gaskets

There are 4 different professional silicone gaskets available now for a better, softer grip and longer durability:

  • for E61 and similar / E61 Yellow - ø 73x57x8,5

  • for E61 and similar / E61 Orange - ø 73x57x8,0

  • for La Marzocco / LM Red - ø 72x55x6.1/8mm

  • for Nuova Simonelli / NS Blue - ø 71x56x9mm

The best way to use these gaskets is to combine them with the reinforced IMS RNT shower screens to enable best results and performance. Choose your professional tools at our accessories store.


Espresso Machines - Conti Leva and other great machines

We are going to start more serious with some espresso machines now to complete the program. The machines are well know but also niche products for the real barista and coffee lovers. Furthermore, they offer a great value for the money. The machines are:

  1. Conti Leva CC 101 PM ( 1 GR/ 2GR / 3GR)

  2. other special machines you will not get around the corner…

more info shortly and on demand.


Conti Lever & Ceado E37 - the perfect match

The mission was to find a good solution for a great, new upcoming restaurant in downtown Lisbon which will open the doors in mid-September. As the restaurant and bar is an open space close to the guest room the task was to find a very beautiful and silent solution for this stylish restaurant. We decided to go for a lever machine, of course, a Conti in this case, combined with a Ceado E37J /64mm burrs as speed is no issue here. The Ceado has only little retention and even after a while of serving no coffee, we have the chance to set the third extra button of the new Ceado display to a minimum, approx. 1 sec, to get rid of the older coffee. Both machines really work well together and we are sure that they will do a great job in the daily business. It´s amazing to notice how silent this set-up really is and how easy it is to learn to handle this couple after a short instruction. More info and pics to come soon....

Machine: Conti Lever 1 GR - Grinder: Ceado E37J - Extras: IMS Baskets 14 Gr + 9 Gr Single - Tamper: TORR Goldfinger 58.5 Convex - Glass Hopper: soon - Coffee: to be selected, should be organic 

Team "Silent" - Conti Lever & Ceado

Lever - just love it!

Yes, we love lever machines and here is a new baby. It´s beautiful, elegant, well made but of course, it needs some mods. In the beginning, we provide some pictures of the "Heart" - guess what it is? Sure, it´s the lovely Conti leva, made in Monaco. We will post some pictures of the whole Set-up soon, beneath a Ceado grinder with a beautiful TORR glass hopper on top. More lever and more about this Conti will appear these days but there is one info we can´t miss to tell you in the beginning. There are not many machines on the market where you will get so much value for the money. However, let´s see about the details, benefits, pros and cons later and how we can improve this machine to make it even better and more beautiful.