Ceado Titanium Burrs E37 ø 83 mm & Burrs Alignment

Titanium Burrs are always the right choice when it comes to high-quality grinders and the best result in the cup. We don´t provide only our DLC coated burrs. We also deliver the OEM Titanium or Red Speed burrs of the big grinder brands like Ceado, Mazzer, Eureka, Fiorenzato and some more where available.

The Ceado E37T ø 83 mm flat burrs are usually used for the models E37T and E37SD where they appear with these grinder models.

When it comes to the burrs alignment which is very important for the final result in the cup we can provide this info already about the Ceado grinders which are checked on 100% with a tolerance of 2/100 mm granted by the Steady Lock System. To make sure that the burrs are aligned after having replaced them, there are different ways to check and arrange this task. You can easily search the web for details and videos.

We will expand to a wider range of those high-end burrs soon.


Ceado Grinders - New Models for 2018 & New Prices

We had to modify the prices of the new Ceado Grinder family Mod. 2018 - E37J, E37S, E37T & E37K. However, they were modified and they are still very good grinders for the money, especially after the improvements of the 2018 models. The recommended prices, VAT incl. are now for the 220V/ EU Electronic Grind on-demand** version: 

  1. E37J - 1.075,00 Euros
  2. E37S - 1.670,00 Euros
  3. E37T - 2.415,00 Euros
  4. E37K - 3.109,00 Euros

We will set the new Ceado Family in the Shop soon and will offer also some TORR Glass Hoppers with the new models. There will be also new pics available and some nice glass options. 

**other Ceado grinders upon request, please ask