Good News - Crypto (NEO) Acceptance via Apple & Samsung Pay

NEO Smart Economy arranged a partnership with ZEUX to enable customers to pay via Apple and Samsung PAY now. NEO will be made available on May 7th. via ZEUX app. As we accept Apple Pay via our payment gate Stripe you can spend your Crypto money easily at our existing shop ( and at the upcoming store:

Apple Pay can be used in:

  • Australien, China, Hongkong, Japan, Neuseeland, Singapur, Taiwan

  • Brazil, USA, Canada, Saudi-Arabia, UAE

  • Europe (most countries)

for further Detail please check your Apple Pay and Samsung Pay websites.

Portafilter - Wings and Measures

We have some issues every now and then concerning the portafilters, doesn´t matter if they are after market, OEM or bottomless ones - also if the chosen brand is the right one. To decide about the fit it´s helpful to provide pictures and some measures. We show here which are the most important values to check your portafilter in order to be sure with the new one you are asking for.

Also the all-over ø dimeter is important - not only the wings

The cut and the Chrome decides about the exact measurements