Titanium Tamper - New Diameters - New Designs

We are going to produce some new Titanium Tampers, made from Titanium G5 these days. There will be some new diameters and designs available of course as the acceptance of our TI G5 tampers is quite amazing. It´s also possible to add a DLC coating on top of the TI G5 pistons. There is not that much to beat this combination.

  • GF 58.55 TI G5 TC SE - Goldfinger - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Convex - Sharp Edge

  • GF 58.55 TI G5 TF SE - Goldfinger - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • GFH 41 TI G5 TF SE - GF Handle - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • GFH 49 TI G5 TF SE - GF Handle - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • TT 58.55 TI G5 TF SE - TORR Classic - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

  • TT 58.80 TI G5 TF SE - TORR Classic - Titanium G5 - Trapeze Flat - Sharp Edge

Let´s see where we will end up with the Titanium.. You are also welcome to let us know the designs and sizes you would like to see. We can also produce small quantities and custom made products. Don´t hesitate to drop a mail.

TORR Tamper Pistons

Ceado Grinders - New Models for 2018 & New Prices

We had to modify the prices of the new Ceado Grinder family Mod. 2018 - E37J, E37S, E37T & E37K. However, they were modified and they are still very good grinders for the money, especially after the improvements of the 2018 models. The recommended prices, VAT incl. are now for the 220V/ EU Electronic Grind on-demand** version: 

  1. E37J - 1.075,00 Euros
  2. E37S - 1.670,00 Euros
  3. E37T - 2.415,00 Euros
  4. E37K - 3.109,00 Euros

We will set the new Ceado Family in the Shop soon and will offer also some TORR Glass Hoppers with the new models. There will be also new pics available and some nice glass options. 

**other Ceado grinders upon request, please ask



    New Portafilter Handle Design

    We designed a new portafilter handle "TORR Professional" which will be available in all types of wood. The handle is 140 mm long, little longer than our other PF handles. This enables a better handling with less effort, especially at busy locations. In spite of being longer, the new handle is very elegant & ergonomic and can be used with small or big hands as well. It comes either with M10 or M12 inner thread to be used with all types of espresso machines in the market.

    It´s our first new PF handle from a new series. The TORR Professional handle comes with a glossy polished finish and a TORR logo at the back side. It will be delivered in a simple box. Our first batch of handles will be ready to go mid/end of march. The recommended price is 45 € in OPWZ (Olive, Palisander, Walnut, Zebra wood) 49 € in African Blackwood. Code: #TT-PFH-P

    The handle can be also delivered on demand as a set with any type of portafilter. 

    Specs: All types of wood, 140 mm long, M10 0r M12 - TORR Logo, PF as option