More Nanotech Items

The Nanotech Portafilters are treated all over with a special coating like the IMS Nano screens and baskets to get perfect non-stick properties and a much better durability compared to a Teflon® coating. This coating is a kind of a mineral coating (silica) which is food safe and resistant to most chemicals. The result is a cleaner cup and of course, the portafilter is much easier to clean, you can just rinse with water. 

We added all the Portafilter range to the Accessoires Store. The Portafilters are the perfect add-on to the Nano Screens and Filter Baskets. 

This professional range of Portafilters is available as La Marzocco, Faema E61 and Simonelli model, all are 15° angled. They can be paired with a single- or double Nano spout.


Pro Barista Standard & Nanotech Baskets by IMS

We have the new IMS ProBarista Baskets in stock now. They are available as standard baskets and also with the superior and very durable "Nanotech" coating. They are available in 12/14/17/21g size and have a total amount of 661 holes which appear at a total flat bottom. The body is ridgeless and those baskets are the best ones we have seen so far. They are a real competitor (like many other IMS baskets) to the VST and it´s a reason to switch or to test and compare for sure. We will set them in the shop shortly and will also make an outlet offer together with a sharp edge tamper to start with this great range of baskets. They can be used with our TORR tampers 58.5/ 58.55 and 58.80 (most perfect fit). The price of the normal ones is little less than the VST, the NANO coated range is 30€ each. 


New Portafilter Handle Design

We designed a new portafilter handle "TORR Professional" which will be available in all types of wood. The handle is 140 mm long, little longer than our other PF handles. This enables a better handling with less effort, especially at busy locations. In spite of being longer, the new handle is very elegant & ergonomic and can be used with small or big hands as well. It comes either with M10 or M12 inner thread to be used with all types of espresso machines in the market.

It´s our first new PF handle from a new series. The TORR Professional handle comes with a glossy polished finish and a TORR logo at the back side. It will be delivered in a simple box. Our first batch of handles will be ready to go mid/end of march. The recommended price is 45 € in OPWZ (Olive, Palisander, Walnut, Zebra wood) 49 € in African Blackwood. Code: #TT-PFH-P

The handle can be also delivered on demand as a set with any type of portafilter. 

Specs: All types of wood, 140 mm long, M10 0r M12 - TORR Logo, PF as option